Flower Name
Amaryllis/Hippeastrum I am proud of you; pride
Anemone/Mona Lisa I don't want to lose you
Anthurium, Red You work to get where you are
Anthurium, White Think of me
Aster China Variety is the spice of life
Bellflower / Campanula Gratitude
Bird of Paradise Flower Freedom, Good perspective
Butterfly Orchid You are always on my mind
Flowering Cabbage Prosperity
Carnation, Pink Motherly love
Carnation, Red I hold you in high esteem, respect
Carnation, Yellow Enjoy the moment
Celosia Fortune
Cyclamen Don't lose faith in me
Cypress Mourning
Daffodil Narcissus You are an angel
Dahlia Fickleness
Daisy, Garden I share your sentiment
Daisy, Red Joy
Daisy, White Innocence, truth
Daisy, Yellow I will try hard to earn your love
Forget Me Not True love
Gerbera You are the sunshine of my life
Ginger, Pink Diversity
Ginger, Red Unlimited Wealth
Gladiolus / Sword Lily Strength of Character
Helenium I miss you very much
Heliconia Great returns
Hyacinthus, Pink Active, energetic
Hyacinthus, Blue Predictability, reliable
Hyacinthus, Purple Sorrow
Hyacinthus, White Subtle and graceful
Hydrangea Arrogance, aloofness
Iris Passion
Ivy Friendship, fidelity, marriage
Jasmine Amiability
Larkspur, White Joyful, happy-go-lucky
Larkspur, Pink Fickleness
Larkspur, Purple Sweet disposition
Lilac, Field Humility
Lilac, Purple You are my first love
Lilac, White You are so pure and innocent
Lily of the Valley Return of happiness
Lily, Calla Your voice is music to my ears
Lily, Casablanca I am in heaven when I'm with you
Lily, Pink Romantic
Lily, Stargazer I see heaven in your eyes
Lily, White My love is pure and innocent
Lily, Yellow Live for the moment; nothing is forever
Palm leaves Victory
Paeonia Bashful
Phlox A good partnership, harmony
Poppy, Oriental Silence is golden
Poppy, Red Consolation
Poppy, Scarlet Extravagance
Poppy, White Tranquility
Ranunculus You are very attractive
Rose, 11 stems I am the missing stem to make the perfect dozen
Rose, Black You are my obsession
Rose, Champagne You are tender & loving
Rose, Leonidas Sweet love
Rose, Nicole You are graceful & elegant, aristocratic
Rose, Orange You are my secret love
Rose, Pink Brilliant Complexion; the glow of your smile
Rose, Red Passionate love
Rose, Single Stems Simplicity
Rose, White I am worthy of you, spiritual love
Rose, White & Red We are not separable; unity
Rose, Yellow I am not worthy of your love
Scabiosa Admiration
Scilla Forgive & forget
Snapdragon Please don't misunderstand
Snowball/Viburnum Commitment
Stock Lasting beauty
Sunflower Adoration
Sweet Pea Delicate pleasures
Tulip, Cream I will love you forever
Tulip, Red Declaration of love
Tulip, Yellow I am hopelessly in love
Veronica Fidelity
Waratah Prosperity
Willow Bravery & humanity
Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends